Die Leere Mitte – Issue 16

In this issue: Ayşe Nur Özdemiray, Shine Ballard, Charles Wilkinson, Patricia Falkenburg, Jasper Glen, R. C. Thomas, Harald Kappel, Michael Betancourt, Antonio Devicienti, Lorenzo Mari.

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Edited in Berlin by Horst Berger and Federico Federici.

Baudrillard said that «All that remains to be done is to play with the pieces. Playing with the pieces – that is postmodern.» I might say that this approach defines the formation process of the “women” series. Far from randomness, harmonious pieces are analytical like a puzzle and provide integrity to the form, they are the optimal accompaniment of the form, lines, dots and spots to the figure. As a result, the “women” series is a continuum of playing with parts and forms. It is postmodern. – Ayşe Nur Özdemiray


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