Die Leere Mitte – Issue 11


In this issue: Stephanie Taralson, John M. Bennett, Matilde Ricci, Stephen Nelson, Kurt Luchs, Steffen M. Diebold.

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Edited in Berlin by Horst Berger and Federico Federici.


L’ombra, questa ombra non tanto lieve che ci sta accanto – ognuno ha la propria, per la quale ha inventato un nome. A volerla davvero lasciare, dovremmo affidarla a un corpo lontano, perché la luce non ce la renda disperdendola di nuovo. Ma in un corpo è sempre una voce, un canto, un rumore e chissà quante altre forme ancora, sparse.

Tiresias’ gate – p.92


                 because of the[o]se words

                      upstream [] …
                      [ag]ainst …

                      the water’s …
                      will …

                                              of       the       air




STARK                            DARKER

                 whose son you are

Transcripts from demagnetized tapesVol. 1, foreword by Sloan De Villo, LN 2021, ISBN 979-8688757347 [Asemic-Concrete-Eng] 

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The tree left alone

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If you have come to this point, please record a short audio clip (approx. 10 s) without speaking and send it over to: treeleftalone [at] gmail [dot] com, specifying date and time. We are collecting what this tree listens to over the year.

2nd July 2021