Smerilliana 23

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breath data death

The breath data death work here presented follows the protocol of a standard research paper and offers the most accurate possible record of a textual kinetic installation. As extensively discussed in it, code poetry is addressed in many regards: a pure code, capable of driving a sensor to collect data from the environment; an allegedly working do-while loop, to account for the reading of the one-word poem 78 shifts of breathing; a LaTeX file, compiled to the pdf which the report consists of, exploiting specifically designed packages to produce the scatter plots and visual poems which, side by side, document the impact of the spoken word “breath” on air molecules.
The images in the results section do not actually exist as standalone ones. They are illegible strings of mathematical formulas seeded with the sampled voltage data and a small random parameter to add unlimited degrees of complexity and potentially generate new poetical arrangements every time the file is compiled.

Full project here:
ABC – avantgarde-boot-camp, «Perspektive», Sylvia Egger editor, 2020


In questi pomeriggi di sole, prendo spesso un foglio bianco e della carta vetrata, e mi siedo sotto un tiglio. Inizio a sfregare la superficie liscia senza bucarla, sino alle ossa sepolte, sino al reperto: un testo in tedesco da ricopiare con cura, strappato al silenzio.