Getting Sorted at Etkbooks Store – A Die Leere Mitte Production

Getting Sorted by Hartmut Abendschein, a Die Leere Mitte production, is now available at Etkbooks Store (Monbijoustr. 69, BERN) and on the online store!



E-IS, «», Virpi Vairinen editor, n.4, 2019.
Valikoima runoja monikielisestä visuaalisen runouden kokoelmasta E-IS.
Excerpts from the multilingual book of visual poetry E-IS.

This excerpt consists of the first few pages of E-IS, a still unpublished work with a strong bent toward visual poetry. The trope of the text as an intrinsic combination of both sound and word structures is here achieved by different means: setting up whole blocks of text, sparse lines or split syllables; arranging tables of words; scattering residual scribbles, figures or short sentences, pointing to seemingly off topic documents. This results in the reader’s immersive experience of diving into some accreted language structure to unlock while being looked at and read, with no other way round. While in Requiem auf einer Stele (first ed. Conversation Paperpress 2010, second ed. Libri della Neve 2017) the sediment of different languages was embedded in the geology of a river stone, in E-IS the premise for it relies on the fissures of ice. Words into no matter which language physically weigh on a somehow transparent surface, «écran plastique de la représentation» (Louis Marin), whose crack lines, occurring in the very singularities of meaning, are often largely unpredictable. The reader and the writer get thus engaged in the same task.

Loops on “Gahsher”

These pieces explore the linguistic potentiality of mathematical functions, to build formulas whose plots resemble writings or other verbal objects (such as seals or logos): for this purpose, the native LaTex environment for scientific typesetting has been exploited to manipulate functions while simultaneously editing a print-ready asemic handbook.
This blend of Mathematics with writing aims at addressing writing/drawing from an unexplored perspective and testing an entirely new concept of book, one which is not written but coded, living and dynamic, eventually ready to interact with the surrounding environment by means of sensors, to adapt and change its content.
More about Loops on «Gasher», Whitney Kerutis editor, Summer, 2019.

GMuMaPS – Instalação

Satisfeitos com o largo número de participantes que o projeto atingiu nesta primeira edição. GMuMaPS viu a ascenção de mais de 200 obras de 73 artistas participantes.Nem todas as obras foram incluídas no poema-objeto, dos 240 recebidos foram selecionados 208 para a instalação. Não houve artistas excluídos, nem algum tipo de seleção de valor estítico. Apenas condicionantes técnicas como a qualidade para impressão / definição da obra. Apenas 32 obras ficaram de fora.