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New asemic tables up now on The New Post-literate curated by Michael Jacobson


Four pieces

Four Pieces, out now on Brave New Word, issue #10, part 2, Bil Sabab curator.

Issue Ten

Asemic scattering on the cover of “Riggwelter”, n.10, 2018 edited by Amy Kinsman.


Welcome to the tenth issue! Riggwelter keeps rolling on. This issue contains poetry, short fiction, visual art and experimental media by: Joan E. Cashin, Sandy Coomer, Robert de Born, Marie-Françoise de Saint-Quirin, Ciaran Dermott, Maurice Devitt, Matt Duggan, Federico Federici, Kate Garrett, Howie Good, Amy Kotthaus, Janice Leagra, Alex Lobera, Adam Lock, Julia Molloy, Jamie O’Connell, Joseph S. Pete, Clare Read, Kevin Reid, Neil Richards, Belinda Rimmer, Michael Dwayne Smith, George L. Stein, J. B. Stone, Isaac Stovell, Jeffrey Toney, Julia Webb, Teffy Wrightson, Stella Wulf, Jeffrey Zable and Julie Zuckerman and is edited by Amy Kinsman.

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Forma e transforma: dalla scrittura visuale all’asemic writing

“Forma e transforma: dalla scrittura visuale all’asemic writing”, mostra a cura di Adriano Accattino, Francesco Aprile (Utsanga) e Cristiano Caggiula (Utsanga), integrata con materiali provenienti dall’archivio Utsanga; aprile-giugno 2018. Visitabile fino a giugno 2018 Archimuseo Adriano Accattino Via Miniere, 34 10015 Ivrea (To) Tel: 0125-612658 Opere di: Vincenzo Accame, Francesco Aprile, Sacha Archer, Anna Balint, […]

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