Some theory about “Stuttgarter Strukturfonien”

Supervised image processing scripts are developed to acquire and plunge textual documents, such as scores or handwritten papers, into abstract asemic spaces. Each text is a unique, unquenchable source of signs, which must be thought of as being thoroughly detached from the original figures of writing to merge into new alphabets.
The whole image matrix is morphologically manipulated with the help of routines, which combine neighbouring clusters of pixels according to certain structuring shapes (lines, squares, disks, etc.), depending on specific elements (points, centres, size, etc.) which get adjusted until a new formal equilibrium is attained.
Scripts and other software segments have been developed, tested and run within Linux GNU Octave, whose mathematics-oriented syntax is mostly compatible with Matlab.
Preliminar image analysis has benefited standard ImageJ plugins.

% fragment of a script
SE5=strl(‘arbitrary’, E);
SE=strl(‘per’, 1, V);
SE1=strl(‘li’, 1, 1);
SE3=strl(‘sq’, 1);
NEHOOD=[1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0, 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1];
OFFST=[10, -18];
SE2=strl(‘pairwise’, OFFSET);
A=imerode(x, SE1);
A1=imerode(A, SE4);
A2=imerode(A1, SE3);
A3=imerode(A2, SE);
B =imerode(A3, SE5);
imwrite(B, ‘imsaved.jpg’);

Stuttgarter Strukturfonien, 2019 (Vispo-Eng).
ISBN 979-8640604504
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Michael Jacobson on “Stuttgarter Strukturfonien”

Project: development of original, automatic asemic writings, based on the supervised combination of scripts for scanning and manipulating conventional documents (scores and handwritten papers).

«Stuttgarter Strukturfonien is a symphony of asemic musical structures, played as ripe illegible songs, which seemingly transcend the communication between life and death. Entwined in Federici’s noisy Octave-script statements is a work that freely succeeds at demonstrating an inventive textual ability and artful manual dexterity. It’s a book that entertains thoughts of cypheric wisdom and movements of notational calculi crashing into silence. The wind and rain of the reader’s eye shapes the jagged visual poetic landscape and invites the reader into its unique synthesis of textual, visual, and sonic compositions. This is a wonderful opus which incites the mind towards new avenues of creative energy while still allowing the reader to control the volume.» [Michael Jacobson, Works and Interviews].

Stuttgarter Strukturfonien, 2019 (Vispo-Eng).
ISBN 979-8640604504
buy: | .com | .de | .es | .uk