Dead Memory Socket Recovery

Limited edition.
This asemic/concrete leaflet will be withdrawn once the first copy is sold.
The preview has intentionally been left blank.
The series is meant to exploit POD platforms to create and deliver original artworks.


Die Leere Mitte – Call for papers


Broadly accepted: Experimental and conceptual writing, theoretical papers, asemic and concrete texts, vispo, theorems, axiom collection, quantum weirdness, reviews of books addressing these topics and the like.
Texts: poetry (60 lines max. overall); prose (500-600 words max. overall). Format: Times New Roman 12; single line spacing; all in one .doc or .odt file. Languages: Catalan, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.
Visual: 1-3 B&W images. Format: jpg, tiff, png, 72-300 DPI.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, provided that the piece is withdrawn if accepted elsewhere, as well as previously published works when properly credited. Each issue will be free to download (.pdf). A printed version will be made available through for collectors. No reading fee; no payment or complimentary copies to contributors at present. Authors assume responsibility for the originality, intellectual property rights and ethical implications of submitted works.

submissions: leeremittemag ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com
twitter: @LeereMit

PARATAXE – Das berliner Stadtsprachen Magazin

In welchen Sprachen schreibt Berlin? Die Schätze der vielsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur Berlins werden im stadtsprachen magazin veröffentlicht und gesammelt: Wir präsentieren die Arbeit von 30 Autor*innen und 20 Übersetzer*innen aus 15 Sprachen aus dem Bereich der polylingualen und transkulturellen Literatur. Frische Weltliteratur aus Berlin!

Mit Texten von
Jùmọké Bọlanle Adéyanju | Esther Andradi | María Cecilia Barbetta | Clementine Ewokolo Burnley | Patricia Cerda | Bora Ćosić | Thế Dṻng | Federico Federici | Iunona Guruli | Brygida Helbig | Orsolya Kalász | Dora Kaprálová | Kenan Khadaj | Ilia Kitup | William Cody Maher | Steve Mekoudja | Ian Orti | Eugene Ostashevsky | Sharon Dodua Otoo | Cia Rinne | Andrea Scrima | Rajvinder Singh | Ewa Maria Slaska | Donna Stonecipher | Elsye Suquilanda | Menekşe Toprak | Kinga Tóth | Ekaterina Vassilieva | Érica Zíngano | Nell Zink

Unter Mitwirkung von
Sabine Adatepe | Joey Bahlsen | Timo Berger | Henning Bochert | Rike Bolte | Ina Böhme | Natalie Buschhorn | Christian Filips | Graham Hains | Birger Hoyer | Ruben Höppner | Martin Jankowski | Barbara Jung | Michael Kellner | Bianca Körner | Natalia Maximova | Le Trong Phuong | Maria Rajer | Simone Reinhard | Raquel Sutter | Joanna Trümner | Carl Weissner | Lea-Liane Winkler | Katharina Wolf-Grießhaber

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5 marzo

Cos’è la fitta, il colpo che senza pace rintrona dentro, come non ci fosse mai abbastanza vuoto, abbastanza spazio per smorzarlo? Però nel libro c’è una scomparsa, una morte forse, ma non so di chi: la mia? la sua?
La morte non è mai astratta, perché ha bisogno di un corpo e di affetti da recidere per compiersi: un sasso che si sgretola non muore.