A private noteboook of winds

Trees work in the woods like words do in the poetical text. Exploring a book like this goes beyond the pure reader’s control and turns into a practice whose results are unpredictable. – Tim Wallington.

The original of this book belongs to the Academy of Fine Arts Palermo artists’ book collection.
A private notebook of winds, lulu.com, Morrisville 2019 (Asemic-Eng).
ISBN 978-0244791414
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Alcune copie scontate

Grazie all’editore, alcune copie di
Paraula de tenebra, edizione trilingue: italiano, tedesco e catalano a cura di Marta Vilardaga + Appunti dal passo del lupo, con tavole di Alessia Consiglio e cura di Eugenio De Signoribus + Concrete Trenches, tavola a stampa numerata a cura di Petra Schulze-Wollgast, possono essere ordinate a 6 Euro, spese di spedizione comprese per l’Italia.
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ToCall No.5 – The typewriter issue

Concrete Trenches, Olivetti Studio 46, 2018.

This issue features work by Amanda Hutardo, CDN Warren, David Barker, Ege Berensel, Eryk Wenziak, Federico Federici, Frank Singleton, Ilse Garnier, Julia Ziegler, Karl Kempton, Kasper Pinci, Marianne Holm Jansen, Paula Claire, Sarah Kay Miller, Robert Doerfler and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt.
Cover is based on a work by Cavan McCarthy.
Mimeo printed edition of 100 copies, 10€ incl. postage.

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The Cecil Touchon Asemic Reader

[Excerpt from Post-asemic Press]

The proof copy of The Cecil Touchon Asemic Reader just arrived from the printer today! Expect the book to come out in August 2019. We are just waiting on a few more blurbs and then everything will be set to go.  The Cecil Touchon Asemic Reader collects asemic calligraphy and collages by Touchon going back all the way to the 1970s. The price for the book will be $25.00 because the book is in full color. Color printing costs more but the effect is well worth it. The book also has a great introduction penned by poet and physicist Federico Federici.

Here is a blurb about The Cecil Touchon Asemic Reader written by Peter Schwenger:  “A torrent of creative dynamism, The Cecil Touchon Asemic Reader comes at you in three waves: asemic overwriting of print, usually on antique pages; the elegant typographic collages for which Touchon is best known; and layered linear screens that seem to exist in a receding space. Through these variations, the book challenges us to rethink in depth our conceptions of surface, a thinking accompanied by wordless pleasure.”

—Peter Schwenger, author of Asemic: The Art Of Writing

Here is Cecil’s website: https://ceciltouchon.com/