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Marxist Machine (the language virus, i.e. the virus as a language)

Marxist Machine (the language virus, i.e. the virus as a language), Pat C. Gawley, ISBN 979-8595691017, enhanced version 2021.

«This paper consists of the core findings of a supervised cut-up experiment held in 2012 by the centre of advanced computing of the neural network research group at the HTE in Arizona.
Using google as quite a bizarre, though all pervading oracle, strings of information were unlocked and gathered from the internet, seen as a latent reservoir of unconsciousness to be inspected.
Specific keywords (jesus, christ, marx, einstein and hitler) were passed on to a crawler and a substantial range of sparse, unrelated platitudes was first acquired and labelled.
By means of a pseudo-random number generator, the whole set got repeatedly shuffled and the most meaningful recombinations were step by step extracted and manipulated to maximize the amount of available information.
Out of the original micro-topics, a broader textual solution started taking shape and got targeted.
While this approach proved to be effective on a notable spectrum of results, no algorithm could, in the final instance, predict the uniqueness of the outcome. Like ideology, Mathematics is blind.»

The Berlin texts – 01

The waste wall, November 1961, Nassau Review Poetry Award 2019, «The Nassau Review», NCC editors, May 2019.
Further texts are available here: Vertebrae: a book of abandoned buildings and bodies, LN 2019, ISBN 978-1710418811 [Eng]
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The Manhattan Review – Volume 19, no. 2

«The Manhattan Review», Philip Fried editor, vol. 19, n.2, 2020. In this issue: D. Nurkse, Philip Gross, Nicola Vulpe, John Burnside, Erich Fried, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Christopher Bursk, Marc Kaminsky, Cheryl Moskowitz, Kate Farrell, John Greening, Penelope Shuttle, Claire Malroux, George Szirtes, Chris McCabe, Richard Hoffman, Carol Rumens, Rosalind Hudis, Menno Wigman, Howard Altmann, Federico Federici, Judith Wilkinson, Charles Wilkinson, Bibhu Padhi, Hal Sirowitz, Anja Konig, Seán Street

Libri con il bosco dentro (e intorno)

hai portato il cuore dentro il bosco, un uccello in gabbia, frastornato dalla grazia dei fruscii e dai gridi in volo tra i rami, pieni del dolore della libertà. ora ha il peso del silenzio la parola – soffio di una fiamma, sola nel suo inferno; sbarra a cui si lega l’ala.

giunti alla fine, il passo calpesta l’ultima foglia e non entra in un altro paesaggio. l’aria intorno al silenzio rallenta. giunti sul punto, al seme del mondo.


Appunti dal passo del lupo, KDP 2019.
Prima edizione a cura di Eugenio De Signoribus.
ISBN 978-1706287865
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On the trail of the dead trees – Trunk 2

«Exploring asemic patterns found in nature, Berlin-based physicist, translator, and writer Federico Federici offers a meditation on trees and wind. This volume contains a wide variety of mark-making—from thin curved lines and printed text to thick smooth brushstrokes and small illustrations.» David Ebony in “Art in America” – May 2020

A private notebook of winds, KDP/lulu.com, 2019 (Asemic-Eng), ISBN 979-8640410952 / 978-0244791414
The original of this book belongs to the Academy of Fine Arts Palermo artists’ book collection [1] [2]. Featured by David Ebony in «Art In America» May issue, 2020.
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