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Five New Asemic Concrete Compositions by Federico Federici (Berlin, Germany)

Asemic Front

Federico 3.8.2018 - 2By Federico Federici (Berlin, Germany) (2018)

Federico Federici’s hybrid experiments with asemics and concrete poetry are generating great interest in the international visual poetry community. As previous posts here testify, his work has relevance to the Asemic Front project. So I am very pleased that Federico Federici has shared these new works with AF.

Asemic Front is building a collection of work by Federici. Excellent examples of these unique asemic-concrete experiments can be found elsewhere as well. I suggest you look at his “Studies on asemic interferences on (and within) concrete structures” (nos. 3,4,7), which will also connect you with other interesting material:



Federico - 3.8.2018 - 1

Federico - 3.8.2018 - 3

Federico - 3.8.2018 - 4By Federico Federici (2018)

federico - 3.8.2018 - 5

Asemic front poster - 3.11-11

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Heus aquí la corba de l’ull – Paraula de Tenebra

Anticipazione da Paraula de tenebra.
Testo originale tedesco da Dunkelwort.
Traduzione in lingua catalana e lettura di Marta Vilardaga Vila.

Heus aquí la corba de l’ull,
el mirall cec del temps.

Des del punt de vista d’un ull
seria doncs alguna cosa?
Les dues meitats d’una poma?

Dos ulls fixos en el buit.
No van mai més enllà del mirall.

Res ens fa més sols
que la paraula


Dies ist die Kurve des Auges,
der blinde Spiegel der Zeit.

Aus der Sicht eines Auges,
wäre ich etwas?
Zwei Apfelhälften?

Zwei starre Augen im Leeren.
Sie überschreiten den Spiegel nie.

Nichts macht so einsam
wie das Wort