The Manhattan Review – Volume 19, no. 2

«The Manhattan Review», Philip Fried editor, vol. 19, n.2, 2020. In this issue: D. Nurkse, Philip Gross, Nicola Vulpe, John Burnside, Erich Fried, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Christopher Bursk, Marc Kaminsky, Cheryl Moskowitz, Kate Farrell, John Greening, Penelope Shuttle, Claire Malroux, George Szirtes, Chris McCabe, Richard Hoffman, Carol Rumens, Rosalind Hudis, Menno Wigman, Howard Altmann, Federico Federici, Judith Wilkinson, Charles Wilkinson, Bibhu Padhi, Hal Sirowitz, Anja Konig, Seán Street

Smerilliana 23

Testi di Alterman, Benjamin, Cagnone, Canzone di Auliver | Uliana, Chobot, De Din, Donati, Federici, Fraire, Frasca, Galluccio, Gaudioso, Geldman, Graña, Kazartseva, Kommerell, Mancinelli, Melnick, Meloni, Meschonnic, Minerba, Ottonieri, Poldelmengo, Savarese, Scarpa Kos, Sirente, Tarozzi, Walser, Poetry Quartet | Centinaro, D’Angelo, Marota, Zamponi |||||| ORDER

“ISBN” on “Maintenant 14” – New York

ISBN, «Maintenant», Three Room Press, Kat Georges, Peter Carlaftes editors, n.14, 2020.

Dada began in protest in response to World War I, and MAINTENANT 14 offers compelling proof that Dada continues to serve as a catalyst to creators more than a century later. Each page in this journal is a physical conviction. Each spread relates an intimate correspondence. The entire volume is a familial tree of leaves and shapes and buds of thoughts to be. Our theme might be UN-SUSTAIN-A-BULL-SH*T, but here as one soul, the moment is sustainable. – Peter Carlaftes & Kat Georges Co-directors

“A private noteboook of winds” featured by David Ebony in “Art in America” – May 2020

Trees work in the woods like words do in the poetical text. Exploring a book like this goes beyond the pure reader’s control and turns into a practice whose results are unpredictable. – Tim Wallington.

«Exploring asemic patterns found in nature, Berlin-based physicist, translator, and writer Federico Federici offers a meditation on trees and wind. This volume contains a wide variety of mark-making—from thin curved lines and printed text to thick smooth brushstrokes and small illustrations.» David Ebony in “Art in America” – May 2020

A private notebook of winds, KDP/, 2019 (Asemic-Eng), ISBN 979-8640410952 / 978-0244791414
The original of this book belongs to the Academy of Fine Arts Palermo artists’ book collection [1] [2]. Featured by David Ebony in «Art In America» May issue, 2020.
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