Die Leere Mitte – Issue 6

In this issue: Steven J Fowler, John M. Bennett, Enrico Sette, Katja Schraml, Raoul Eisele, Mark Young, Joseph S. Aversano

cover: Die Leere Mitte / Il centro vuoto, wire sculpture, Enrico Sette, 2020.
instagram: enrico.sette

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Edited in Berlin by Horst Berger and Federico Federici.

Die Leere Mitte – Issue 5

In this issue: Harald Kappel. Mario José Cervantes, Diana Magallón, Giuseppe Calandriello, Serse Luigetti, So & So Studio UG, Alegria Imperial, Elmedin Kadric.

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Edited in Berlin by Horst Berger and Federico Federici.

Getting Sorted – Hartmut Abendschein

Anthers of Saffron Crocus.   Zircon.

Spots on Largs Wings of Tyger Moth. Breast of Pochard Duck.   Back of Petals of Purple Hepatica.  Yenite Mica

Rhynchites Nitens   Back of the Christmas Rose.   Yellow Orpiment.

Egg of largest Blue bottle or Flesh Fly.   Back of the Petals of Blue Hepatica.   Wood Tin.

Back of Tussilage Leaves.  Uran Mica.
Water Ousel. Breast and upper Part of Back of Water Hen.   Back Parts of Gentian Flower.   Uran Mica.

Bark of Ash Tree.  Turquois, Flour Spar.

Berry of Deadly Night Shade Sulphur

Die Leere Mitte, Random Access Series 3½ Berlin, 2019.
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Otoliths issue fifty – Print Edition

Part one contains prose, poetry, vispo, commentary, & reviews from David Lohrey, Nicholas Bon, Annabelle Ballard, Mariana Rodríguez, Gustave Morin, Seth Howard, Raymond Farr, Sanjeev Sethi, Michael Minassian, Andrew K. Peterson, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, J.J. Campbell, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Jim Leftwich, Richard Kostelanetz., Michael Prihoda, Adam Fieled, Lakey Comess, Kenneth Rexroth, Claudia Serea, AG Davis, Jake Berry, Jack Foley, Clara B. Jones, Tiana Marrese, Willie Smith, Pearl Button, Thomas Fink & Tom Beckett, Devon Balwit, Tom Montag, Mary Kasimor, Daniel f Bradley, M.J.Iuppa, Tim Rogers, Andrew Taylor, Sheila E. Murphy, John M. Bennett, Joe Balaz, Heath Brougher, Erik Fuhrer, Kevin Tosca, Alyssa Trivett, Jim Meirose, Bob Heman, Penelope Weiss, Linc Madison, Nicholas J.A., Tony Beyer, J. D. Nelson, Edward Wells, Michael O’Brien, & Pam Brown.

Part two contains photographs, collage, asemic pieces, poetry, & paintings, all in full color, from Andree Bagoo, Cecelia Chapman, Kyle Hemmings, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, David Greenslade, Carlyle Baker, Olivier Schopfer, Carol Stetser, Steve Dalachinsky, Daniel de Culla, David Baptiste Chirot, John McCluskey, Doren Robbins, Meeah Williams, Jack Galmitz, Kellyn Elson, Jesse Glass, Federico Federici, Texas Fontanella, osvaldo cibils, Drew B. David, Michael Brandonisio, hiromi suzuki, & Elaine Woo.

Part three is made up of 60 delightful AsEmIc ImAgEs by Alberto Vitacchio, the renowned Italian visual & text poet.

Part four is subtitled “remembering…” & is a tribute to those whose work has appeared in earlier issue of Otoliths, but who are now, sadly, no longer with us. In this issue are Robert Gauldie, kari edwards, Marthe Reed, Ira Cohen, Carol Novack, Bob Grumman, Michelle Greenblatt, Rochelle Ratner, Karl Young, David Mitchell, David Meltzer, Thomas Lowe (Tom) Taylor, Ed Baker, Halvard Johnson, Randall Brock, Christopher Mulrooney, Spencer Selby, Philip Byron Oakes, & Jill Chan.

Mark Young