The white calf sleep*

some rabbit’s iambic leg
back bent in its tight articulation
keeps hanging few inches on the jamb,
right on the doorstep and a crown of seeds
is there, the spade thrust deep into frozen mud;
the roods collect the moan of prayers,
guttural lamentation on the water ponds,
white relics of boughs, plumes of birds

a white calf uproots the leaves of grass
with sharp strokes of tongue, moistens
the cold panes before its snout, hides
milky bones and sleeps in bare straw


* First published in Raum, vol.1 issue 4, Glasgow, 2017.

RAUM – Vol 1 Issue 4

New poetry from Scotland and beyond: Catherine Baird // Bob Beagrie // Jelle Cauwenberghs // Anthony Daly // Christopher DeWeese // Federico Federici // R.M. Francis // Franklin Gilette // Jane Goldman // Mark Goodwin // Chris Hardy // Peter J. King // Fiona Tinwei Lam // Joan Lennon // Aoife Lyall // Declan Malone // Heather O’Donnell // Pratyusha Prakash// Carolyn Richardson // Lindsey Shields Waters // Aimee Elizabeth Skelton // Paul Summers // Alice Tarbuck // Basil du Toit // Samuel Tongue // Petra Vergunst. Buy here.