Die Leere Mitte – Issue 13 + RIMAE by Enrico Sette

In this issue: Jim Leftwich, Cecelia Chapman, Elmedin Kadric, Antonio Devicienti, Charles Wilkinson, Bob Lucky, Alexandra Fössinger, Patrick Sweeney, Rich Murphy, Strider Marcus Jones, Werner Preuss, Diana Magallon.
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Die Leere Mitte – Issue 12

In this issue: Tamizh Ponni, Jim Meirose, John Grey, Howie Good, Graham C. Goff, yours truly, the happy recluse, Mark Young, Mohamed Gassara, Paweł Markiewicz, Ramsay Randall, J. D. Nelson, Patrick Sweeney.

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Edited in Berlin by Horst Berger and Federico Federici.