Two stuffed texts: an experiment with T. S. Eliot’s “Hollow men”

Stuffed text number 1

We are the hallowed men
we are the duff-head men
keen to gather
head peace filed in row. Alas!
Hours drive choices, where
the will-o’-the-wisps are
quaint mien and our lenses
shield us, behind chipped
glasses, while gloves don’t fit
in with other laces,
sheep without norm, shirts without collar,
in a para-lizard farce, just an urgent notion;
on the snow that crusts
we draw reptiles, too deaf fathers keen on
remembrance – in fact, all note us lost,
violence howls against
us, hallowed men
duff-head men.


Stuffed text number 2

Ђeře ðe hollåƭn
Ђeře ðe tsŭÞedƭn
Lїnŋ togeðr Hїdþǝš
filð Ђið tsraЂ ŏr
drǝd voišs, Ђhen
Ђe Ђhisþr togeðr ře
qŭǝt alj mїnŋlsessaa
Ђilj in drÿs ğsaas
Or rąsfēt ovr borcken
glsaas inŏr drÿs šllř
šaþe Ђiðŏt form, šade
Ђiðŏtcolŏr, þřalÿssed
forš, gsetŭre Ђiðŏtmotnjr,
ðose Ђho hve corssed
Ђiðdirect eÿsse, to dїðs
oðr ckŋdom Reƭmbr
ŭsif ą ålj tnosaa ollts
Vnjlent sŏls, bŭt orlÿssaa
ðe hollåƭn ðe tsŭÞedƭn.

First appeared on «Ex-Ex-Lit», August 29, curated by Volodymyr Bilyk and Bil Sabab, 2018.