Ding an sich – p.88


This work invites the reader/onlooker to depict the whole body as a diffused neuro-semiotic net, wherein synapses, cells and other attractors intertwine. Ears, eyes and skin (Ohr/Ohr, Augen, écran) restlessly collect stimuli from an ultimately unknowable, maybe subliminal substrate (Ding an sich) to be later on mapped into language. In the same way as artificial fuzzy systems or neural networks essentially consist of adjustable mathematical models, the original states of biological machines are keen on being informed. Since the speed of learning can hardly keep up with the fluidity of perception, world may become a resonation of word, and word that of wood(s) and so forth. Reality exhibits a certain bias for meaning and conceptualizing beyond likely errors. The thick barrage of signs at the verbivisual surface of the page is a caveat against anchoring signification, as if an excess of information had definitively come into play. The intrinsic instability of textual matter begins at the ground-state of words. The mechanism of adding or dropping letters reminds that of the charging/uncharging of particles by contact and proves that meaning always exerts a certain pressure.

Transcripts from demagnetized tapesVol. 1, foreword by Sloan De Villo, LN 2021, ISBN 979-8688757347 [Asemic-Concrete-Eng] 

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First appeared in «Unknown Quantities», Ma Culture, Criticism and Curation, and MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts of London, n.7, 2020.

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