Marxist Machine (the language virus, i.e. the virus as a language)

Marxist Machine (the language virus, i.e. the virus as a language), Pat C. Gawley, ISBN 979-8595691017, enhanced version 2021.

«This paper consists of the core findings of a supervised cut-up experiment held in 2012 by the centre of advanced computing of the neural network research group at the HTE in Arizona.
Using google as quite a bizarre, though all pervading oracle, strings of information were unlocked and gathered from the internet, seen as a latent reservoir of unconsciousness to be inspected.
Specific keywords (jesus, christ, marx, einstein and hitler) were passed on to a crawler and a substantial range of sparse, unrelated platitudes was first acquired and labelled.
By means of a pseudo-random number generator, the whole set got repeatedly shuffled and the most meaningful recombinations were step by step extracted and manipulated to maximize the amount of available information.
Out of the original micro-topics, a broader textual solution started taking shape and got targeted.
While this approach proved to be effective on a notable spectrum of results, no algorithm could, in the final instance, predict the uniqueness of the outcome. Like ideology, Mathematics is blind.»

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