Meat for Tea – Hemp

Asemic and concrete texts from my forthcoming catalogue, out now on «Meat for Tea: Hemp», XII, n.1. Here.

Derek Axton, Phillip Bannowsky, Frederick Barrows, Perry Carter, Julia Clark, Nina Denison, Jack Donahue, Federico Federici, Mali Fischer, Sarah Gilleman, Sam Gilpin, Peter Grima, Natasha Hanna, Richard Horton, Lauren Howlett, Jim Infantino, Jennifer Juneau, Saera Kochanski, Jesse Kominers, Counsel Langley, Julie Lunde, Denny Marshall, Rue Matthiessen, David P. Miller, Burleigh Mutén, Jose Oseguera, Louis Phillips, Charles Rammelkamp, Jim Ross, Gerard Sarnat, Sarah Simon, Jackie Skrzynski, Roy Smith, Don Swartzenruber, Drake Truber, Peter Urkowitz, Andrew Varnon, J.C.Vickery, Michael Washburn, Francine Witte, J. Andrew World, Gerald Yelle, Jane Yolen.

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