9×5 Truths

Orwell’s doublethink has nowadays turned into multiplethink and truth into the reassuring monomania of its theorization. Lie may reside in subtlest, repeated simplifications of reality: the peculiar but inconsistent formulations of the same statement slowly appropriate the good faith of a stuffed audience, leading it to believe that there exists some latent state of consciousness where truth and lie no longer seem contradictory.
If Andy Warhol’s pop multiples establish, within a single work, a principle of equivalence between the original and a copy, while emphasizing some sort of demagogy of art, this video insists on the slightest lag between multiples reframed side by side, hinting at that tiny shift between truth and lie which keeps truth falsifiable, thus meaningful.
The emblematic character of Joseph Goebbels stands out, by extension, as a grotesque icon of post-truth on a dusty background noise, where a ravens’ cry – Odin’s harbingers – and one word (propaganda) only surface.



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