The Berlin Project lives on

Ever since I moved to Berlin for the first time, in December 2001, I have felt the need of conceiving of a project about this city, but the first step was made only ten years later, in the summer of 2011, together with David Nettleingham, a poet and researcher from Kent University. Though the original manifesto has scarcely been put into practice, owing to several events which occurred in our personal lives, the project still lives on through this blog, filed under a dedicated Berlin category.
Last but not least, some of the texts posted here were first hosted on The Morning Star, then overnight removed from it since, as Jody Porter wrote to me with a little delay: “The editor objected to the poems I’m afraid because of their anti-West Germany tone. I should’ve realised they wouldn’t be appropriate myself – very sorry.”
Well, that was instead very curious from my point of view – (smile!).

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