Rode NTG-2 with Zoom H4n test

Rode NTG2
How I manage Zoom H4N’s lack of gain when paired with Rode NTG2.

Microphone: Rode NTG2
Recorder: Zoom H4N
Connection: PROEL XLR cable (2m long)

NTG2 fed through 48V Zoom’s phantom power (no additional battery).

Zoom’s parameters (firmware 1.72)
Recording level: 80%
Lo cut: OFF (both)
Comp/Limiter: OFF (both)
1/2 Link: ON
Level auto: OFF
Mono mix: ON
Recording Format: Wav, 44.1 kHz/16bit

Uploaded test files



#1: no post-editing but 192 Kpbs VBR mp3 compression
#2: +20db and 192 Kpbs VBR mp3 compression

When recording I tend to strike a balance between Zoom’s gain and post-editing volume adjustments. For my purposes, #2 is usually a good starting point to work further on, but better results can be achieved by slightly raising Zoom’s gain and taking much more care about the microphone’s position as well.
I read around the net that most users will probably turn to the brand new TASCAM DR-60D soon, whose pre-amps seem to grant a hotter and cleaner native signal.

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