The debt as original sin

I don’t usually like speaking about politics on these pages, since I mainly want to focus on Literature, but after reading the excerpts from different articles collected on the spiegelonline, I do think it’s worth spending a few lines to answer the columnists.
I am going to skip over the general paternalistic arrogance while they threaten further economical retaliations, accusing us, as italian, of being childish to refuse to acknowledge the depth of our economic plight. From their point of view, we missed the great opportunity to vote Mario Monti and let him save us, little by little. Either they know nothing about what Mario Monti did during this last year, or they pretend not to. Of course, he never had sexual intercourse with any curiously alleged niece of Mubarak, nor did he recommend Mister Schulz for the part of a Kapo; he just raised the protest of disabled people for cutting their sanitary benefits: they were forced to gather around the Parliament, threatening to let themselves die there if this drastic economic measure had not been withdrawn. How could Mario Monti (the catholic, the perfect technocrat Prime Minister, the serious leader of the ideal centre-right party, the man who attends Mass with his wife, etc.) consider the life of one single person less precious than one point of the spread? The dramatic tax increase, to counterbalance the fastest growing interest expense on the debt, coupled to the loss of their work, led many persons to commit suicide: do we have to say that it’s right like this, for «the strong shall live, the weak must die»?
Again: what about the raising of the retirement age, while young people can hardly find a job, while most politicians enjoy benefits and rich pensions (up to tens of thousands of euros) after spending a short time in Parliament? Let us consider this silly example: there are 30 seats on a bus, 30 persons sitting, 30 persons standing; if we cut the bus stops, there’ll be 40 persons sitting on 30 seats. Does it work?
Why didn’t Mario Monti cut the pensions of the politicians as well, but tried to cut the sanitary benefits of disabled people? How would you define such a man? A benefactor? A realistic banker? A clown? A sweet killer?
Dear columnists, you pretend not to consider that the laws of economy are by no way the laws of Nature, though, if you know a little bit of econophysics, you should agree that we have tried to make economy work like Nature (though failing). Are men (all men) controlling the market, or is the market (i. e. few men) controlling all the men? While we cannot reset the gravitational force on Earth (but we can fairly balance it), we can absolutely reset the debts, any debt and start the game anew, changing the rules, to prevent such an economic default from happening again. Why don’t we do so? Why do we have to perpetrate this economic dictatorship of some caste over the peoples?
If, as you state, Italy is going to be ungovernable, the perfects stage for violent, wild comedians and Greece will be the melting pot of uncontrolled riots which will mine Europe from the inside and Spanish is likely to be soon on the same verge (when it is not yet), will European Parliament feel innocent for this farce turned into tragedy?
When you write «No, it wasn’t the austerity-obsessed Germans who forced Italy to tighten its belt» and try to make me feel in debt to someone, for the money I have not wasted nor have I spent, then you all Germans must apply the same principle to you: you are all guilty for the World War II crimes and while I am paying for the debts I have not made, you must serve your years in prison for the persons your grandparents killed. Is the debt our original sin? Is European Union our perpetual trial? Is it right to bring to trial a whole nation for the theft of some bankers, business men, politicians over the years? Do you find this logic? I do not. The banks, the wealthy, the thieves must pay to reconstruct the State. I do think that most of you, as german, are innocent as well as most italian people are not responsible for this seemingly hopeless plight and deserve much more respect from you.
I am not here trying to teach you democracy, for you have long time been master of it, but you should be much more careful when you judge the other peoples’, because if you are not willing to accept the other countries’ democracy, you may soon experience some serious democracy-lag from your side.

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