The Pros and Cons of Cybook Odyssey by Bookeen

A new “hands on” video is available HERE

I do believe in the power of such devices to save both the reading and the books. A quite different aesthetics can even be developed and experienced by means of them.
Rare books or those scarcely appealing to most publishers can be made available at once and everywhere, for free or upon paying a symbolic fee of just few cents, which is more or less the standard per copy royalty to the author.
Getting rid of old bureaucracy, those writers at increased risk of extinction can again concentrate a little more on writing than on printing and the tree slaughter will have one fewer reason to be as well.
Hopefully, e-readers will be cheaper and cheaper in the future: we will then pay “the book” once for all and fill it with words.


  • slim and light like a 64 pages pocket book
  • up to 32Gb extra storage via microSD (not included)
  • high speed e-ink system
  • high sensitive Pearl touch screen
  • long life battery
  • intuitive to use
  • basic music player (mp3)


  • internet browsing is not so comfortable
  • zooming through pdf files should be improved (continuos zooming would be more effective)
  • no text to speech option (I don’t personally need that, but it might be a drawback to someone)
  • USB cable tends to be loosely plugged-in thus disconnecting the device from the PC
  • 6 inches screen (600×800 pixels, 167 dpi) may not be large enough for newspaper layouts


  • e-ink details invisible to the naked eye
  • e-ink text
  • comparison between e-ink displayed text and paper
  • Cybook Odyssey and a pamphlet (side by side)
  • Cybook Odyssey displaying a book shelf

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