An old Italian farce


«Dictators always smile at children while killing their fathers:
the sons of Motherland must have one father only


If your catchphrase is «I’m Italian and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is not speaking in my name», you should also consider the other side of it: he too is Italian and he is not acting for your sake.
Have you ever thought of what People of Freedom means? Although none seems to really care much about it, words are both cause and symptoms, especially when they’re not rationally handled or their meaning remains unchecked. Mass media fetishism makes things even simpler: messages, floating on the mounting information flood, are collected and glibly passed from one member on to another of the same community, with the intimate conviction of showing some radical interpretation of reality and of having an immediate impact on it. Conversely, the lack of awareness within the whole process keeps reality untouched.
Critical voices are often comfortably integrated in the bourgeois system and play their part perfectly, preserving the system itself from critical attacks. Reactions are often so exaggerated to be ridiculous, scandals are levelled down to jokes. Crimes may even appear to be virtues, judged from a different point of view. Truth is no longer in the facts, but in the opinion of the majority trained to interpret them correctly, thus critical thinking is run down upon facts which “do not exist”. People are driven to the right opinion under the oppressive fundamentalism of the purely rhetoric, that works out residual contradictions beyond ideological contours.
This campaign, sustained with the help of the ruthlessly bombarding media, has attained at least two goals: Berlusconi got the power almost by Fate; Berlusconi was (and still is?) the “least worst” one and only Fate can end his reign.
The name he chose for his party is highly indicative in this regard as it hinges upon a practical lie. All of his followers and everyone in the world were to be subtly informed that there’s a people of freedom in Italy, contrasting with another post-ideological people of whatever else, that reacts stirring up hatred. Does it still make sense to talk about Italian people then? How to account for this “people shift”? The Italian people of freedom shows its human face, being inspired by love, whereas the others are frustrated by old ideologies, fairly abandoned by the most significant revolutionary subject: the working class, the mass.
Ever since 1997, the Italians have been taught to believe in the necessity of a center-right wing party confronting the center-left wing one, except for the Catholic center-wing spanning them both to keep the balance right. As a consequence of this, no seat in the Parliament has any longer been assigned to someone authentically outside this frame. The Democratic Party, the allegedly main left-winged counterweight in political alternation, has often been a bogus rival, when not the perfect accomplice.
More radically even, Berlusconi was clever enough to switch politics to a reality show for every person to pick up crumbs of power, being a winner in miniature. It sufficed to insist upon the role of “personal will” in meeting with success to gain many people’s willing obedience. He has already from the beginning imposed himself as “the doer” («ghe pensi mi»), stressing the necessity of everyone to be as such on a different level, to help the common good. The entry level is to blindly trust and vote him.
The presence of a people within the people is de facto the most violent (though implicit) attempt of dividing the whole to get full hegemony over each part. Truly critical thinkers and non-followers have been ousted until they change their mind. If the two (or the many?) peoples came together into one, social classes would be abolished at once, conflicts would be soothed and a new age of prosperity would be established in the place of global disorder (and wolves would dwell with lambs, and rivers would be of milk and honey etc.).
If Italy is such a heaven close at hand how can someone be so stubborn to fight for freedom in hell?



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