Requiem auf einer Stele (fr. 11, part 1)

›1.3‹¦es schneit! es schneit! es schneit! es ist spätͺ denn was heiβt schon zeitheit? licht der wirklichkeit? ¦ · arms curving over empty holes define us · precisely nothing that nothing holds · he who was lost has not been called back yet from his warm haze of spring · how easily the inaudible grace of solitude fills the same place! · snow continues to fallͺ vowels and snowͺ atonal snow piling up on both hands in the tall grassͺ holding the world-weight downward · we never touch thingsͺ things attract us · not much else · were voices there along this black amount of waterͺ someone would hear us firstͺ muttering like a newͺ clean spring spilt among dry boulders · let us stand still with the river like the waters do · the sleepy rhyme of the dead hour calls · the word half speltͺ the word half written for fear of too much abstraction lie under the water’s haste · the real namesͺ the good ones thronged into leggy shrubs glint in their finitude · nothing else but namesͺ ideograms on thin leavesͺ namesͺ nervesͺ stems whose fine ends are not flowers but stars · it’s what we live inͺ asleep · that which was a house is dust now · a hollow stone · the inside of the house is between the trees · wood after fire keeps a tepid hope · frozen roots fed on ashes underfoot jut out · ¦hier also hältst du dich versteckt? die klarheitͺ die sternenkunst machen dir so viel angst ¦ · lonesome lilacs bleed among the wreckage · ›1.1‹ ͺ [sw]amp fernͺ no reflection in the canal dredged by the fire-black oil lamp · the sacrifice remainsͺ foundation to a new beginningͺ redeems us with old hints of ardour and birth ·
[         ¦zwei tränen [  -6.1-]   ¦das schwere¦ͺ                                                                             ›3.1‹
ͺ¦die beiden türen der welt ¦               ]

[             ·                -8.1-]             ·

Alexandra Antic, Daniel and Joseph Kooner (voice), Luigi Russolo, Bass Communion and Federico Federici (soundscape).

Requiem auf einer Stele (twelve fragments),, Morrisville 2017, (Eng-Ger-Rus).
ISBN: 978-0244339807 New edition
download: «Winterblatt» n.8
buy: barnes&noble | | .it | .de | .es | .uk

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