Requiem auf einer Stele (fr. 2 A, fr. 2 B)


This poem is a stone, a still voice on the river-bed at the mercy of rushing water. It is the deciphered scratches and black stains on its surface.
This poem is a conversation in the green rooms of the woods where a hollow reed-throat sings beside a death-bed. It is the inexhaustible industry of the trout to compete upriver, and time abruptly halted by the sea. The stone is unmoving.

        Långt inne i mörkret. Världen går mot sitt slut.

das ist eine im feld gefundene stele
das ist ein im fluss gefundener stein
dies die im körper gefundenen knochen

dies materiales fuerunt   ›1.4‹   shortestͺ infrequent

] carboniferous tubers awakening
[of]  ›1.3‹
] black alluvial fingers
] veins winding along
eye-pebbles and flints [ͺ  curving the fields where
there is no endͺ [  ›2.2‹ did not want to end
to the abandoned land
] · I’m the old riverͺ the whole riverͺ
the understanding of it
] река‒это я

fr. 2 A.

] und das sind die polierten knochen
der poeten in meinem fleisch

] как лес
] redeemer of waters [
[bla]ck old tree-line in the flicker of storm ·

fr. 2 B.


Official gig: July 18th at 18:30, The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury

Federico Federici (sounds and voice), June 20th, Madonna della Neve, Pian dei Corsi.

Cover picture taken from Vertebrae, Federico Federici.

Requiem auf einer Stele (twelve fragments),, Morrisville 2017, (Eng-Ger-Rus).
ISBN: 978-0244339807 New edition
download: «Winterblatt» n.8
buy: barnes&noble | | .it | .de | .es | .uk

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