Ника, a short footage about Nika Turbina’s poetry and life, has been edited by putting together archive materials with new original scenes. It focuses on one of the theme she insisted upon the most in her writings: that of asynchrony in the sometimes painful split of time – no need to become a woman, when I once was a child.
There are no proper dialogues inside, but many sorts of infinitely pleated monologues, in a maze of sounds, voices which Nika’s lines emerge from, whispers or cries, and meanwhile passers-by gather stiff loneliness.
The film ends in the late darkness of the last day. Time continues much as before, like a taboo, a compulsion splitting into further hours, minutes, seconds. No need to speak the name: whose voice is thus swallowed? All questions unanswered remain. All toys keep watching over the silent child sleep.

A short film by Federico Federici
Courtesy of Maya Turbina, Ludmila Karpova, Alexander Rather
Original texts by Nika Turbina
Music by Bardoseneticcube and Federico Federici
Translation by Federico Federici

Nika Turbina, Federico Federici, 2018, (It-Eng). ISBN: 978-0244998455.
Disponibile in tutte le librerie su ordinazione e su internet.
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